President of REACHWaterfront and

President of Mitchell Custom Homes Inc

Experience: My wife Linda, son Zack and I moved to the Shore because we wanted to escape the “rat race” of the city.  After a decade and a half of successfully building in the Tidewater Area, we found ourselves stuck in a cycle of lowest bid competition with no consumer consideration for quality and integrity, and thus, Zero job satisfaction.  Here on the Shore, we have been able to focus solely on customer satisfaction.  Building quality “forever” homes for retirees by day, hunting and fishing in some of God’s most beautiful country when not at work, raising a family in a small community where people actually care about their neighbors (we are all neighbors), and most importantly, NOT EVER having to drive in traffic, have all combined to make our lives so much richer and so much more satisfying than we ever thought possible.


Biography:   I earned my B.A. from Old Dominion University in 1989.  I have been a licensed builder in Virginia for the past 25 years.  Having spent  part of my childhood in Argentina in my college years summers working construction, I realized that building homes was in my blood.  Over the course of the past 14 years I have built a reputation as one of the Shore’s premier builders.  See our website: mitchellcustomhomesinc.com .   Being an environmentalist, I now specialize in building “green” homes and built the first PHIUS certified passive house in Virginia.  Lately, we have concentrated on making Net Zero or near net zero our goal.  All of our homes are high quality, custom built homes.  Because the basics of energy efficiency and quality both stem from a fine eye for precision and detail, we have been very successful at providing them as a package. My crew of 8 to 10 people have been with me for many years now and we are  proud of the quality of the work we do. I am personally proud of having been able to employ so many skilled craftsman to work consistently on so many high end homes.


Why Real Estate?    I have thought about becoming a real estate agent for a quite some time.   What is most important is that I do not plan to stop building homes. I have employees who count on me, and I still enjoy building very much. I will just do less.   I feel that I will be able to concentrate my energy even better for my future home clients,


I feel that my construction experience is going to prove very useful.  After all, we are selling homes, and there is one thing I know about, homes.  Also, when it comes to repairs, improvements, inspections, etc., I have a large network of specialists that I will be able to call upon to get answers and/or get things done, as needed, to help our clients make informed choices and get things done efficiently, fairly and to a high standard.



Life is easier here......care to join us?